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Smartgrid Research Laboratory

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A Smart Grid Research Laboratory has been established at 2nd Floor, Natural Science Building (old wing), Department of Physics. A micro-grid of De Lorenzo, USA has been setup that can mimic electrical grid and is first in the Caribbean region to provide training in the area of ​​Smart Grid Technology. Laboratory is equipped with state of art test & measurement equipment, high-power computing facility, power system analysis tools and smart sensors / hardware. SmartGrids lab. is available for research projects / lab. experiments of M.Sc. Renewable Energy Technology, Major / Minor in Electronics, MA Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering students. Very soon we will offer training to T&TEC engineers and provide certification in Smart Grid Technology, which interns can create revenue for self-sustainability of the lab. The core topics that can be studied include: electric circuits, electric machinery, hydroelectricity, wind energy, photovoltaic solar energy, renewable energies, power transmission, power distribution.