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Smart Grid Cyber Security Training



To meet the current energy demand, Increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and to Effectively utilize devices of modern technology, we need to upgrade our electrical grid is not a smart grid. The smart grid is an electrical system That uses information technology, cyber-secure communication technologies and computational intelligence in an integrated fashion across electricity generation, transmission, Substations, distribution and consumption to Achieve a system Which is clean, safe, secure, reliable, resilient , efficient and sustainable. Major threat to this transformation is cyber-attacks and information security. This address this issue of The UWI Smart Grid team is going to organize a Smart Grid Cyber ​​Security Training at the UWI St. Augustine Campus.



Main objective of this training program to create local expertise ie capacity building in the area of ​​smart grid technology. The training will Provide detailed information about smart power systems, recent technologies toward the smart grids, potential threats and vulnerabilities in smart grids and security assessment in smart grids in order to advance the knowledge of the participants the the the the the the the the the the the about cyber security in smart grids. Participants will be trained to IDENTIFY the potential threats in smart grids, how to detect threats in the smart grid components dry as SCADA systems, customer side, transmission and distribution levels.


TRAINING CONTENTS:   Please click here to see details.



Managers / Engineers from T & TEC, policymakers from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, Regulated Industries Commission, Telecommunication Authority of Trinidad & Tobago, telecommunication services companies in Trinidad & Tobago and researchers in the area of ​​smart grid cyber security and renewable energy.



Dr. Charles G. Alexi, Tonex Inc. Texas, USA, a renowned expert in the field of Systems Engineering applied to the Smart Grid, Energy Management Systems (EMS), SCADA and Power Systems.




ORGANIZERS:  The UWI Smart Grid Team, IEEE Trinidad and Tobago Section.


REGISTRATION LINK: (Registration is Free)    


CONTACT FOR FURTHER DETAILS:    Dr. Davinder Sharma, , 6622002 Ext. 83105

                                                         Dr. Sanjay Bahadoorsingh,,   6622002 Ext. 83142