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Capacity Building Activities

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A group of researchers, field professionals / technicians, teachers and policy makers will be trained as part of a capacity building program in the area of ​​smart grid technology through workshop and a training program organized by group members and international experts in the area. 

Recent Capacity Building Activities:


Smart Grid Cyber ​​Security Training

  •  To cater for the current energy demand, Increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon footprint and to Effectively utilize devices of modern technology, there is a need to upgrade our electrical grid into a smart grid. Major threat to this transformation is cyber-attacks and information security. This address this issue of The UWI Smart Grid team organized a "Smart Grid Cyber ​​Security Training" on Aug. 5th 2016 at the UWI St. Augustine Campus. Training was provided by Dr. Charles G. Alexi of Tonex Inc. Texas, USA, a renowned expert in the field of Systems Engineering applied to the Smart Grid, Energy Management Systems (EMS), SCADA and Power Systems. Main objective of this training program was to create local expertise ie capacity building in the area of smart grid technology. This training provided detailed information about smart power systems, recent technologies toward the smart grids, potential threats and vulnerabilities in smart grids and security assessment in smart grids in order to advance the knowledge of the participants the the the about cyber security in smart grids. Participants were trained to IDENTIFY the potential threats in smart grids, how to detect threats in the smart grid components dry as SCADA systems, customer side, transmission and distribution levels.Training was attended by 35 participants the the Including the 14 T & TEC Engineers / Managers 3 Policy Makers 4 Managers / Directors from industries, 1 representative from the Ministry of National Security, 1 from the Coast Guard and 12 researchers in the area of smart grid cyber security and renewable energy from various institutes. Training flyer can be accessed here .


COMSOL Workshop  on Modeling Renewable Energy Sources

  • UWI Smart Grid Team in association with Comsol Inc., USA organized a workshop on Modeling Renewable Energy Sources on October 29th 2015 at Conference Room, Dean Office, First Floor, Faculty of Science & Technology, UWI. Workshop was a huge success and was attended by 45 participants the the the Including the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Regulated Industry Commission, NIHERST, Ministry of Education, UWI and experts from industry. New users got ideas about Comsol Multiphysics and project / research topics based on renewable energy. Users of Comsol found tips about application builder and Obtained solutions of Their problems while using Comsol. Apart from project idea on modeling and simulation of various renewable energy sources, each participant got a Certificate of Participation, Two Week trail of Comsol Multiphysics Software, Comsol Multiphysics Simulation News- The Magazine, Book on Introduction to Comsol Multiphysics and various handouts for practice. We Hope that each participant will use the knowledge gained during workshop to solve real world problems. Full agenda can be accessed  here .


Workshop on "Mini Projects for Deployment of Smart Grid Technology"

  • To meet the current energy demand, reduce carbon footprint and to Effectively utilize devices of modern technology, we need to upgrade our electrical grids is not that smart grids. One of the integral parts of smart grid technology will be smart devices like the Arduino Uno, Which is a very low cost microcontroller board based on the ATmega328. We can design a system like any smart home automation system or surveillance system or smart home around Uno using various sensors.

    In this workshop the participants the the the Introduced to the Uno board, its capabilities, its programming and various sensors / other supporting modules for implementation directory directory directory directory of smart systems. In the laboratory session each participant worked for a project to design a specific smart system. Participants were provided with Their Own Uno board, sensors and related documentation so That they can practice it at home / workplace and develop Their own systems, with the intention of passing this knowledge is the CAPE level students. Full agenda can be accessed here .


COMSOL Electrochemistry Workshop 

  • In present era, Modeling and Simulation have become an integral part of research and development in the field of Science and Technology. Understanding the Importance of modeling and simulation in today's fast-paced research and development culture, we have organized a Workshop on Electrochemistry with special emphasis on Fuel Cell Modeling on 15th May 2014 in association with Comsol Inc., USA .. The aim of this workshop was to introduce Comsol Multiphysics based  simulation, Which is a cost-effective way to understand and optimize the electrochemical systems, dry as batteries, fuel cells, electrolysis, corrosion, and electro-deposition.  Workshop was well attended and appreciated by 31 Participants from various departments of UWI, NIHREST, Cariri and Caribbean Facility Corporation. Agenda of the workshop can be accessed  here .


Forum on "Internet Governance: What It Is and Why You Should Care"

  • Internet governance deals with the development of shared Principles, policies and programs' That shape the evolution and use of the Internet. In the global, multi-stakeholder Internet governance model, the Internet is seen as a borderless resource Belonging to no single entity. Instead, it is managed by a global community of Governments, corporations, technologists, academics, civil society and individual end users. This discuss related issues and the Forum on "Internet Governance: What it is and why you should care" was organized on 1st May 2014 in association with IEEETT, ISOC-TT and lively. Regional Their technology experts shared insights on global Internet governance issues, from a Caribbean perspective. Speakers at the forum delivered interactive presentations and answer the participants the the the 'questions about Internet Governance. The ultimate aim was to Strengthen the Caribbean presence in international forums where the future of the Internet is being determined. Agenda of the forum can be accessed here .


Seminar on "Power Generation in Trinidad and Tobago"

  • We have organized a seminar on "Power Generation in Trinidad & Tobago" on May 10th, 2014 in association with IEEE Trinidad and Tobago Section. This was an interactive session focused on aspects of power generation as it pertains to the power generation industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Generation aspects dry as plant layout, efficiency, operation, maintenance, and repair tear down along with Substation & Switchyard aspects as dry transformers, Switchyard layout and scheme, maintenance and safety were Discussed. Human resource aspects as it pertains to technical staff was also a topic of discussion. Speakers in the event were engineers from the Power Generation Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited and Trinidad Generation Unlimited. Around 50 persons attended this seminar. Event flyer can be accessed  here .