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Our present day electrical power grids are very old and have remained unchanged for about 100 years. Power distribution network is very complex and ill‐suited to the needs of 21 st Century. Most of the developed countries are now looking at enhancement to their 20th century grids and a new concept called Smart Grid (SG) is emerging. The smart grid  can be regarded as an electric system that uses information technology, cyber-secure communication technologies and computational intelligence in an integrated fashion across electricity generation, transmission, substations, distribution and consumption to achieve a system which is clean, safe, secure, reliable, resilient, efficient and sustainable. The Smart Grid is a modern electric power grid infrastructure for improved efficiency, reliability and safety with smooth integration of renewable and alternative energy sources through automated control, high power convertors, modern communication  infrastructure, sensing & metering technologies and modern energy management techniques based on the optimization of demand, energy and network availability. SG supports two way flow of electricity and information i.e. electricity can also be put back into the grid by users using solar panels, wind turbine and fuel cell etc. 

The emergence of SG will lead to a more environmentally sound future, better and reliable power supply services in our region and can eventually revolutionize our daily lives.  Hence there is need to investigate the suitability of SG Technology for the Caribbean region and conduct research to overcome various challenges in integration of energy systems and Information Communication Technology (ICT).  

The University of the West Indies has undertaken the initiative to engage in research and capacity building on Smart Grid technology in the Caribbean Region. This is an RDI funded project. For further information on the RDI Fund, visit